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Saturday, April 16, 2011

U14 Teams return from a Day at Ajax & Amsterdam

Its been a long day for both the teams.  They had a great tour of AJAX stadium while listening to the Black Eyed Peas warming up for a concert.  After the tour, the boys headed back over to the AJAX Youth Academy with their lunches in hand to watch the U18 and U19 Academy teams play their matches.  What a great sight to see...hundreds of bikes and mopeds parked outside the fields.  Everyone rides a bike!!!!  After the matches, the boys headed into Amsterdam to tour the city.  We started out in the flower district and continued to walk, taking in all of the architecture and culture that the city has to offer.  We walked over to the Anne Frank House where Alex and David provided a very good history behind this historical landmark.  Thge boys were able to shop at the numerous gift shops along the way .  They got lots of kicks out of the many of the "r" rateed items in the gift shops.  Many locals were intrigued by this group of 19 boys and we were constantly stopped to ask where we were from etc....

The boys are looking forward to the match tomorrow and anxiuos to get training started on Monday. 
More pictures will be downloaded tonight.

All the boys are doing well.

~Jacky & Sheri


  1. Jacky, can you ask Christian if his texting is working...

  2. texting is not working for everyone. No one can figure it out and we have stopped in at some phone stores as well to ask in Amsterdam.