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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is Todd checking in. The boys are having a great week so far. They are very physically and mentally tired right now, so tomorrow will be good for them to recover. Our trainer Leo has said on a number of occassions that "the boys are very hard workers." I have seen some great progress in their play, and we have been very fortunate to have had two good games so far.

The boys are eating well. The ones that we were all concerned about with being picky have been getting some good food into them. The feet are doing okay for the boys although some are getting some hot spots. A day off will do them well.


  1. Glad to hear they are doing well and progressing. From the scores of the games (and the excellent re-cap from our on-site reporters!), it seems like they are improving their game. Thanks for all the updates.

  2. Great job on the blog guys and thanks for taking care of the boys! Even picky eaters will eat if they are working hard (and you put the right food in front of them) :) Good luck with the rest of the trip.