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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Todd's Wednesday Update

Here is Todd's update for the day. Fascinating experience at PSV Eindhoven this morning. It is always a treat there because they allow us all to get so close to the players and the coaches. The training session was quite simple involving some general warm-up along with some basic fitness followed by a dynamic warm-up. They then went into a simple technical workout that was basically a pass and follow focusing on first touch. They then went into a basic "Rondo" exercise which is simply a "keep away." They ended the session by playing about four-minute 7v7 games on a narrow field. The session was low key and was a great experience for the boys to see how real professionals train up close and personal.

I intentionally wanted the boys to participate in the Kazamatten, which are the underground tunnels in Maastricht. The boys were divided into three "groups" that needed to work together to solve problems and work as a team to get from one place to another. The team with Oscar, Alden, Shane, Nick, Christian and Max were by far the clear "winners" by making it through the "maze" a good 45 minutes faster than everyone else.

We debriefed the days events tonight and I asked the boys to really think about some of the lessons we learned today from these activities. I think there was a lot to learn, and I will be talking about some of the stuff tomorrow.

We have a bit of a flu bug running through the boys now but we are managing it well. Tomorrow, we are back at training with two session and then playing a very good team MVV, which is a top youth team from the Maastricht region. More updates tomorrow.

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