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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2nd day of training with Leo

This is going to sound a little like the Groundhog Day movie......it was yet another sunny day in Holland!  A bit warmer than yesterday with temps in the 70's.  They keep telling us that this weather is so unusual and is usually cold and wet.  Needless to say, we are enjoying the weather and the soccer that is going along with it.

The boys started the day off with breakfast at 8:30 and then Leo arrived for training from 9:30-12:00.  It proved to be another day of good, solid training for the boys.  They worked very hard in their trainings today and you can see markable improvement.  Leo normally runs trainings for 90 minutes but he has been enjoying the sessions and running quite a bit over. 

We arrived at a nice club in Valkenswaard this evening for our match.  The VV De Valk U15's gave us a good match and hospitality after.  The game was hard fought and ended 0-0.  The game got sloppy due to fatigue but they never stopped trying.  As Leo would have said "It was shitty, no that was bullshitty".  Now say that with a Dutch broken English accent.  It is a special opportunity to play against this club as they are a very old and established club from 1908.  The boy's and 2 girls played us and shared drinks together after.  We witnessed more interaction as the boys are starting to get more comfortable in the canteen setting. 

The boy's are winding down the evening watching the ManU game now.  They will be heading to bed soon.  Tomorrow they will not train but will watch a PSV training up close and then to Maastricht for the tunnels and a new change in venue. 

Jacky and I treated the boy's to local bakery goods today along with evening snacks of grapes/watermelon and the local Karamelwafels.  Very tasty!  We are now doing laundry as they are beginning to stink beyond what we can handle.  Jacky's camera battery died so we will be loading some photos tomorrow.  I have been taking tons of photos on Aidan's camera and will send them to a link upon our arrival home.  We are not having success downloading them here. 

Goodnight aka Weltruste......


  1. thanks for all the great details! We do appreciate the updates. (I think people are reading but just not commenting - because you have to sign in to comment but not just to read...)

  2. Yes, thanks for all the updates. Sounds like they are doing well and enjoying themselves.

  3. So sorry you are missing the 40 degree cloudy rainy weather here back home, but I guess you are building stamina in your own ways! Who can say "pass it", "man on" and "goal" in Dutch?

  4. Super-appreciating the updates from back here in rainy VT. Hope all the kids find their way out of the tunnels.