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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Day!!

We started early with breakfast, packing and loading the bus (a few had to say goodbye to our new English girl friends).  We went to the PSV training of the 1st team players. They are currently in 1st place in the league.  It was really neat for the boys to watch training.  They were big, fast and skilled and Alden, Oscar and Cody especially enjoyed the goalie session. 

We headed south to Maastricht about an hour and a half.  The bus was very quiet with most sleeping.  We arrived at the Kazematten Tunnels.  Wow......was that a neat team building activity.  The players and chaperones were divided into three groups that Todd made up.  One group worked together and did a great job, others did well on some activities and others well......lets just say "they were challenged".  It was very exciting and fun for all though.

We then had a few hours in the beautiful city of Maastricht to walk around, shop, tour, etc.  We had an excellent dinner at an authentic Italian restuarant in Holland.  Go figure!  Walked through town on our way to rent bikes and find our way to our new hotel.  Was really fun riding on the paths to the hotel.  Some bike better than others......but really fun.

Boys had meeting with Todd and headed up to bed.  Tomorrow starts with a training with Leo.  They have 2 trainings and a match tomorrow night.  Hope for more sun and warmth!

We will be updating the blog tomorrow with  pictures once we get to the Hostel.

Jacky & Sheri

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  1. Love reading all your posts! Thanks for keeping us so informed. Sounds like everyone is having a great time!