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Monday, April 18, 2011


After two strenuous training sessions today the boys headed to the stadium for their match against VV Valkenswaard U15 Boys.  The first half goal tended by Oscar ended in a 0-0 tie.  With both teams having strong defense and good scoring opportunities.  The second half was tended by Alden.  Both boys did a great job in the net.  VV scored first and Sean answered it fairly quickly with a goal of his own.  It was banging around in front of the net when Sean finished it off for the tie.  Much of the second half went back and forth making an exciting game.  With 5 minutes left VV scored again with a beautiful header.  The boys looked down for about 5 seconds and responded well.  We were awarded a free kick on their 45 yard line.  Patrick took the shot and placed the ball beautifully in the air for Chris to use his spring loaded legs and make a gorgeous header of his own.  It was truly a beautiful play by both boys.  The game ended in a 2-2 draw and all the kids seemed pleased and excited. 

We then went into the cantene with the VV Valkenswaard boys and enjoyed some coke, fanta and a mix of finger foods.  They were wonderful hosts and the boys sat together and shared a bit.  Some more chatty than others.  But, a neat experience for all involved. 

They are quite stinky after 2 trainings and a match.  Todd kindly took the boys to the pool where they are now.  They will be disinfected with chlorine.  They should be back shortly for their team meeting and bed. 

Tomorrow will be a repeat of today with 2 trainings and a match.  They got a taste of what is to come today.  All doing well and enjoying themselves quite a bit.  Thanks for raising nice boys!


  1. Wow.. This is posted really quick (x
    Btw, I just played against you guys. Thanks for the match ;)

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip - I love all the match detail.

  3. Way to go Chris and your spring-loaded legs!
    -Your Brother Paul