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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Sunny Day in Holland.....

All kids were tucked and in their rooms when Oscar arrived to inform us that the flu bug had hit again!!!  This time it took out Sean, Oscar and Derek.  They are recovery and sleeping mostly today.  So, 4 of 19.  We are hoping it stops there!  The ill boys slept in until around noon after a long night.  They are recovery well today with rest.  Hopefully, they will be up and running tomorrow.

The others woke up at the hotel headed off on our bikes for breakfast at the hostel.  Then off to our first Maastrict training with Leo.  The AM training was focused on technical drills and finished with an 8 v 8 scrimmage. 

This afternoon training was more 8v8 scrimmaging with lots of training from Leo.  He is very good and has helped our boys with opening up, being exact and making smart passes.  He has really focused on the passing game and using your team.  It is actually quite simple but he holds them accountable for mistakes and sloppiness. 

They are resting now for the match tonight.  They are playing the MVV Maastricht D1 regional team.  There opponent should be very good.  Tonights game is being coached by Leo.  They seem excited!  We will post the results later tonight.  After the canteen visit we are having a barbecue back at the hostel on the river.

We are going to download a bunch of photos now and will get back to you on the match.  Happy Sunny Days!  Wishing that sunny days will soon be in Vermont too.....

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