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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Departure day is here.....

Wow, who can even believe that this day has finally arrived.  It's been a long journey but the boys have worked hard to get here.  Sheri and I will do our best to provide as many details on the boys daily events to keep you "in the loop."  Our intention is to update the blog in the evening when the boys are all settled down.  Once again , know that we feel honored to be going on the trip and that the boys will be in good hands.

"Holland hier komen wij " - per Aidan

See you all soon.
~Jacky & Sheri


  1. For those of us who are Dutch challenged (like me!), "Holland hier komen wij " means "Holland here we come"


  2. I guess this goes in the public space (sorry to anyone who has to read it!): Cody told me via text before getting on the plane that his Visa card wasn't working because he doesn't have a PIN. We have a PIN for him if he wants to get in touch with us, but the card should work if he runs it as credit, instead of debit.

    Okay, carry on with your Dutch speaking and world traveling! Dank u wel!